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Welcome to Thug Distributed documentation!

ThugD stands for Thug Distributed Task Queuing Project. It is developed under The Honeynet Project organization as a GSoC Project. It is a Distributed Version of the existing Thug Project.

ThugD is developed using Celery [1] for Distributing tasks(URLs) among the workers. While RabbitMQ [2] and Redis [3] works as the brokers in it. It also uses Team Cymru Community Services [4] and PyDNS [5] to query its services.

Please refer to Project Slot Page for more details. Stay tuned to Project Weekly Blog.

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[1]Celery: Distributed Task Queue
[2]RabbitMQ is used as the Message Broker in Celery.
[3]Redis is used as the Backend Broker in Celery. It is preferred then default AMQP backend broker as it don't create individual queues while returning results to server.
[4]Team Cymru Community Service is used for fetching country codes from IP address of the users.
[5]PyDNS is used for DNS queries over Team Cymru's IP-to-ASN service.