"MP3fm" is an "MP3 folder making app" which AUTOMATICALLY create folder according to user choice from TITLE/ARTIST/ALBUM/YEAR/DURATION/COMMENT options of mp3 songs present in a folder.
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"MP3fm" stands for "MP3 Folder Making app" which AUTOMATICALLY pack songs into folders according to user choice from TITLE/ARTIST/ALBUM/YEAR/DURATION/COMMENT.

It also have a feature of updating song properties i.e. if your songs doesn't have its information(ID3 metadata) embedded in it than it would update the song properties automatically from MusicBrainz online database.

###Github Page & Documentation:


  • PACK Songs into folders according to TITLE/ARTIST/ALBUM/YEAR/DURATION/COMMENT.

  • UNPACK Songs back from folders made or you can also unpack songs from already made folders and pack them again using some other song property.

  • UPDATE Song properties using MusicBrainz online database.

  • GENERATE LOG file after every operation, like generate.

###Instructions to Follow:

  • Install mp3fm Tool using:

$ pip install mp3fm

  • Using Terminal just run the App & follow the instructions:

$ mp3fm

and then just follow the instructions displayed on screen.

If you like the project please Starr it.

Enjoy :)