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AkkTeX - LaTeX utilities by Igor Akkerman  (

Main Features:
  - new document classes for technical documents, thesis works, mathematical
    manuscripts and lecture notes
  - many math packages providing a tremendous nuber of macros for mathematical
  - layout providing a non-empty parskip with extended length corrections and
    new section definition commands
  - easy label creation for counters
  - German language tools and predefined abbreviations

AkkTeX summary

AkkTeX consists of a collection of new LaTeX document classes and a very large
set of LaTeX packages with hundreds of new macros simplifying the creation of
scientific papers. The packages have all been created within years of practical
work with LaTeX.

AkkTeX provides document classes for mathematical lecture notes, elegant
working sheets, thesis works and many more. They are designed for easy-to-use
generation of the specified kinds of documents.

Additionally, the AkkTeX packages provide a tremendous number of macros,
especially for mathematic texts. Their goal is to reduce the creation time of
documents to a minimum, such that, for example, to type a mathematic paper does
not take longer than to write it by hand. Another advantage over usual LaTeX
typing is that the macro names are subject-specific, not symbol-oriented.
That is, the author can think less about the LaTeX symbol names, but instead,
can call them by their meaning. The \set macro is just the simplest example.
Not only typing becomes more intuitive, but also, reading the LaTeX source code,
changing and refactoring it is made easier.

The latest release can be found at: 
Browse our CVS repository for the latest versions of the packages and document
classes at:

This work may be distributed and/or modified under the
conditions of the LaTeX Project Public License (latest version).

The latest version of this license can be found at

This file may only be distributed together with the full 'AkkTeX' bundle.


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