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Version 1.0-RC1:
- Fix issues with double-digit version numbers in browser agents.
Thanks to Akkuma for the fix. Now using a custom version of Browser plugin.
- BREAKING CHANGE: Default image dir now ./images/, instead of /images/.
Could potentially break some legacy installations.
- Update Browser Versions
Version 0.7-Beta:
- Improve Cookie Management; add cookie option with path and expiration settings
- Update default browser versions and links
- New: Fades in on load (with new opts.fadeInTime)
- Bug Fix: Force browser focus to modal window (fixes ESC Key issues with frames/forms)
- Bug Fix: Fix conflict with multiple rejections on a single page, and then closing window with ESC Key
Version 0.6.1-Beta:
- Make icons clickable to same URL as text links
- Links now generate random popup names instead of just '_new'
- Default browser display settings are now passed to options.beforeReject() event method
- Code/comments cleanup
Version 0.6-Beta:
- Add opts.closeCookie and functionality to remmember closes
- Allow closing of window via ESC key via opts.closeESC
- Added parameters to event functions
- Add opts.overlayBgColor and opts.overlayOpacity
- Rename #jr_bg to #jr_overlay
- Make popup position static; move with scroll/window resizing
- Remove "return" requirement for click events; removed from demos
- Hide/show "embed, object, select, applet" elements because they show above overlay
- Remove opts.width/opts.height (now determined dynamically)
- Improve issues with included CSS files affecting display
- Fix opts.closeURL issues with default option ('#')
- Add options to browserInfo to allow display restrictions
- Add 'all' to browser reject options
- Make browser display settings "cascade"
- Improve DOM/CSS traversing efficiency
- Fix display bugs in IE
- Other Misc. Bug Fixes / Efficiency improvements
Version 0.5-Beta:
- Initial Version