The spiritual re-incarnation of KAGIC X, adding headcanon and experimental features.
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Amalgam is Amalgic if it took a fully fan-focused direction. Many of the new content straddles the lines of headcanon and falls into fanon for the sake of idealogical experimentation, surrealism, and gameplay benefit.

Because of its experimental and head-forward nature, Amalgam may cause issues with pre-existing gameplay mechanics in vanilla Amalgic, and if done with an unsupported version, can lead to catastrophic consequences.


Amalgam requires Amalgic 1.10.1, also called X11p12 or X11p13, and Java SE 8, to operate.


  • Drain Lilies, spawned when bushes are drained.
  • Steven and Connie, fuses into Stevonnie.
  • Gem Shards, crafted from cracked gems, can possess items.
  • Citrine, yellow Quartz with defective Ametrine counterpart.
  • Ender Pearl, derpy Pearl that acts as warp pad.
  • Pyrite, fire-breathing Ruby.
  • Mother of Pearl, tallest gem, sneezes Pearls after eating sand.
  • Baby Pearl, short baby Pearls born from Mother of Pearl that can be trained to fight.
  • Nephrite, shoots acid spit at dangerous mobs and blocks.
  • Emerald, unfinished warrior gem, leads Nephrites.
  • Aqua Aura Quartz, blue, shiny Quartz gem.
  • Watermelon Tourmaline, green Quartz-like gem with a wicked sneeze.
  • Melanite, black gem created by SnappyDragon64 that hunts defectives and fusions and turns gems into shards.
  • Bubbling, right click item with gem staff to bubble, right click bubble to send off.
  • Mobile Injector Entities, built like golems.


  • Crux blocks for lightly modded games are enabled but no blocks exist at them moment.
  • Pearls can't be grown from Kindergartens and require a Mother of Pearl.
  • Rubies are social gems, and automatically follow the strongest gem.
  • Hessonites kill defective and rebellious gems.
  • Injectors can no longer be crafted.


  • Ruby dupe glitch is fixed.
  • Topaz can fuse again.


  • Slagnests, air-exposed gem seeds spawn slags at a high rate.
  • Moonstone, a trader gem inspired by Lenhi's OC, with permission.
  • Whatever this is.


  1. Collect any helpful logs, screenshots, or snippets.
  2. Report issues to our issue tracker.
  3. Ask for help in our Discord.


Check our releases page for downloads.


Our Discord server is a place to collaborate, learn, showcase, and discuss the development of Amalgam. It is a place where those who abide by the rules are welcomed, regardless of skill level. Click here to join us!



  1. Amalgic 1.10.1 should already be installed and loaded by the buildscript.
  2. JDK 8 - Download.
  3. Git - Download.


  1. Install the above prerequisites.
  2. Run command: git clone
  3. repository folder, run: .\gradlew setupDecompWorkspace
  4. Run .\gradlew eclipse or .\gradlew idea depending on your IDE.
  5. Amalgam is now installed.


  1. Go to the directory of your repository.
  2. Run command: .\gradlew build
  3. Find Amalgam-x.jar in the build/lib folder.
  4. Amalgam has been built for distribution.


  1. Go to the directory of your repository.
  2. Run .\gradlew runClient to play on the modded client.
  3. Run .\gradlew runServer to start a modded server.


  1. Fork, install, and setup Amalgam on your machine.
  2. Write code with comments for increased legibility.
  3. Summarize any changes for future pull requests.