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RC car autonomously driven by an RTL-SDR and Raspberry Pi Zero.
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HackCar is a library that allows a Raspberry Pi to interface with a remote control car and control it from a remote device via WASD over UDP. It is designed to be expandable, and serves as a single component in a larger system.


In setup the following was used:

  • Raspberry Pi Zero W with Raspian Stretch Lite and RPiTX installed.
  • Copper whip antenna used for transmission.
  • Telescopic antenna with stand for better transmission (transmitting on RCRS requires a long, vertical antenna for ideal reception, without it, we had spots where the radio signal kind of just "jumped" over the receiver.)
  • JM Manufacturing (HK) Ltd. 1/24 New Race Car and Controller.

Estimated budget: $30? (spent closer to $10 for the Pi + SD card + car.)


  • Verify parameters, clone repository.
  • On the Pi, go the repository folder and run sudo python3
  • Press enter when asked for an IP address, Linux accepts blank IPs.
  • On the client, run sudo python3
  • Enter the Pi's IP address when it asks.
  • Use WASD to control the car.

Please note the client doesn't check if the terminal is open, so it will detect any keys being pressed while the client is running.


  • Do tricks (donuts on a table, etc.)
  • USB rechargable (not hard.)
  • Find waypoints and do pathfinding via GPS, IR, etc.
  • Go to charging stations automatically.
  • Track your feet and follow you around.
  • Find and deliver physical items.
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