Witness tribes of humans with their own memories, genetics, and adaptations!
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Revolution is a mod that adds groups of humans called "tribes" to Minecraft. Tribes have their own unique language, genetics, and adaptations based on the location that they spawned in. Individually, humans within these tribes learn about the environment around them and communicate this to their fellow tribesmen, allowing the tribe as a whole to adapt to a changing environment.


  • Spawn about 12 to 30 chunks apart.
  • Contain about 8 to 26 humans per tribe.
  • Humans in a tribe look a lot alike.
  • Store home location, which changes when food supplies are low.
  • Home locations are roofed spaces with at least 64 air blocks.
  • Oldest tribe member is the leader.
  • Tribe members are designed for survival in their home biome.


  • Spawn in tribes.
  • Have varying skin tones, eye colors, hair types, colors, and sizes.
  • Adapted to their environments.
  • Learn from their environment using a decision tree.
  • Communicates what it learns with the tribe.
  • Take between 10-15 real life days to hit sexual maturity.
  • Females breed with the most genetically different male on the start of their menstrual cycles.
  • Males breed with any female interested.
  • Males and females from other tribes can pair up, transferring knowledge.
  • Offspring average out genetic information of both parents along with a random mutation.


  • Find special wands in the "miscellaneous" tab in creative menu.
  • Right-click human to get name, tribe, age, health, and hunger.
  • Use spawn wand to spawn a new tribe.
  • Use mutator wand to amplify mutations.
  • Use generation wand to amplify non-mutations.
  • Use fertilizer wand to reset female menstrual cycles.
  • Use maturation wand to age up children.


  • Install Forge for Minecraft 1.12.2
  • Drop the jarfile into the /mods folder.
  • Enjoy!


  • Consider documenting or reviewing the mod.
  • Help me buy groceries when you press "Donate" on my website. (https://akriv.us/)