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Minecraft mod that introduces the fundamentals of radio and signal processing.
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Redstonate (/ˈrɛdˌstoʊneɪt/) introduces experts and novices to the fundamentals of radio in Minecraft in a fun and educational format. It works by allowing redstone signals to travel through the air and adds blocks that allow players to grab signals and use them, or transmit their own. The open-ended nature of this mod allows you to come up with a wide variety of unique uses and experiments.


Redstone vs. Radio

  • Redstone is a digital signal (either on or off) that only moves through redstone wire.
    • Player-made blocks like torches and levers generate redstone signals.
    • Signals can travel about 15 blocks without the use of a repeater.
  • Radio is an analog signal (between 0 and 1) that moves through most blocks.
    • Natural radio signals, called noise, come from the sun and lightning strikes.
    • In good conditions, a radio signal can travel upwards of 15 chunks.


  • Filters tune in the desired signals received by antennas.
  • Transistors manipulate analog signals before demodulation or conversion.
  • Converters convert analog signals into digital redstone signals.


  • Oscillators create carrier signals where analog signals are encoded to.
  • Converters convert digital signals for the carrier signal.
  • Filters tune and amplify the signals and transmit them via antennas.


  • Wireless redstone systems.
    • Creating modulation systems could help create secure redstone networks.
  • Lightning detection.
    • Lightning naturally creates mass emission in the RF spectrum.
  • EMPs.
    • Under certain circumstances, radio signals can interact with redstone.
  • Endermen teleportation & portal detection.
    • In this mod, teleportation creates weak RF emissions.
  • Daylight detection.
  • Radioastronomy and radar.
  • Induction cooking and wireless power.
  • Secure communication systems.
  • Voice and music transmission via noteblocks and speakers.
  • Remote control vehicles and drones.
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