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Google Cloud Storage Python Client

The idea is to create a client with similar functionality to Google's appengine-gcs-client but intended for applications running from outside Google's AppEngine.

Cloud Storage documentation can be found at Google


For now only basic functionality is available:

  • Creating buckets
  • Deleting buckets
  • Listing buckets in a project
  • Getting default bucket for a project
  • Getting bucket attributes
  • Listing objects in a bucket
  • Getting objects attributes
  • Deleting objects
  • Reading object contents
  • Writing an object
  • Configurable retries with Truncated Exponential Backoff


To install all you need to do is run:

$ pip install --upgrade gcs-client

Usage Example

To use gcs-client in a project you will need to have Credentials to access intended Google Cloud Storage.

Credentials are generated in Google Developers Console in the Credentials section of the API Manager of the project. Recommended credentials file is JSON.

Once you have the credentials you can start using gcs_client to access your project:

import gcs_client

credentials = gcs_client.Credentials('private_key.json')
project = gcs_client.Project('project_name', credentials)

# Print buckets in the project
buckets = project.list()
print 'Buckets:\n\t-', '\n\t- '.join(map(str, buckets))

# Print some information from first bucket
bucket = buckets[0]
print 'Bucket %s is located in %s with storage class %s' % (bucket, bucket.location,

# List the objects in the bucket
objects = bucket.list()
if not objects:
    print 'There are no objects, creating one'
    filename = '/tmp/my_file.txt'
    with, 'w') as f:
        f.write('this is a test file\n' * 100)
    objects = [gcs_client.Object(, filename, credentials=credentials)]

if objects:
    print '\t', '\n\t'.join(map(lambda o: + ' has %s bytes' % o.size, objects))
    # Read the contents from the first file
    with objects[0].open() as obj:
        print 'Contents of file %s are:\n' %,
    print 'There are no objects, nothing to do'

More examples can be found in the documentation, in the Usage section.

Reporting an issue

If you've found an issue with gcs-client here's how you can report the problem:

  • Preferred method is filing a bug on GitHub:
    1. Go to project's issue tracker on GitHub
    2. Search for existing issues using the search field at the top of the page
    3. File a new issue with information on the problem
    4. Thanks for helping make gcs-client better
  • If you don't have a GitHub account and don't wish to create one you can just drop me an email.