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Releases: Akryum/guijs

v0.1.19 - Windows build

01 Mar 11:49
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The first Windows build is now available!

See the assets to download this version and install.

v0.1.0-tauri - First Release of Binaries

21 Feb 15:26
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This is the Tauri release that includes MacOS and Linux bundles for your pleasure and enjoyment.

Please note: Future versions will be somewhat smaller.


  • Node v12+
  • Npm

If you are using volta you will have to run: volta install @guijs/server-core yourself until the next version.

Note: Updated MacOS version cut from same release. There was a mistake in the build toolchain.

If you can't open the app - or MacOS just won't detect your NodeJS, then until we have it sorted you can do the following (open it from the command line in the CWD where your app is located).