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πŸ“¦ A progressive Node.js framework
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A modern node app development platform

Warning: work in progress

Nodepack is a modern, integrated and smart development environement for node backend developers. The bundling is done with Webpack.


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Key benefits:

  • Write backends or apps without worrying about tooling (for example, typescript)
  • Minimize configuration and boilerplate
  • Produce minimal code size for faster download from npm and quicker bootup in serverless environments
  • Migrate and Rollback code and environment (for example DBs) easily in a team
  • Integrate with plugins adding ready-to-use features
  • Best practices built-in


  • zero-config by default
  • powerful plugin system
  • live-reload in development
  • compiled and minified build (useful for function/lambda deployements)
  • error diagnostics with suggested fix
  • autoinstall missing dependencies
  • import/export in .js files
  • app/code migrations
  • more to come!

Builtin Integrations:

  • babel (to support old versions of node and/or new JS syntax)
  • typescript
  • more to come!

Roadmap: v1.0.0

Prior Art


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