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An easy-to-use vue-cli template to publish components


Share Vue components to the world!

A very simple vue-cli template to write and publish vue plugins with .vue components.


  • Very easy to use template with webpack 2.0 pre-configured
  • Supports Import and Browser installation for your plugin with distribution-ready files
  • Supports Less, Sass/Scss and Stylus
  • Easy development with auto-compilation and publishing to npm


npm i -g vue-cli
vue init Akryum/vue-share-components plugin-name

Plugin Development


The first time you create or clone your plugin, you need to install the default dependencies:

npm install

Watch and compile

This will run webpack in watching mode and output the compiled files in the dist folder.

npm run dev

Use it in another project

While developing, you can follow the install instructions of your plugin and link it into the project that uses it.

In the plugin folder:

npm link

In the other project folder:

npm link your-plugin-name

This will install it in the dependencies as a symlink, so that it gets any modifications made to the plugin.

Publish to npm

You may have to login to npm before, with npm adduser. The plugin will be built in production mode before getting published on npm.

npm publish

Manual build

This will build the plugin into the dist folder in production mode.

npm run build