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Akshay Goel: My Website

View it here:

This website contains information about me. You can find my protfolio along with my resume, projects, background and contact information.
I would appreciate it if you could provide constructive feedback on what I can do to make my website better.
Hope you like it!


In this expanding world of Computer Science, programmers need enthusiasm and cursiosity along with their skills. These days, there are so many programmers and developers that it is difficult for a student like me to get noticed by recruiters. There needed to be a way for me to stand out.
This website is a result of that desire. I created this website portfolio as a way to 'advertise' myself and also show my skillset at the same time. Not having used any pre-made website services like wix or wordpress, I am also demostrating my curiosity, eagerness and intent to 'create'.

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