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A bus-tracking app designed for HoyaHacks 2016
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A bus-tracking app designed for HoyaHacks 2016

Credits: Akshay Goel ( Lucas Conti ( Dagmawi Yeshiwas (

Bot Credentials: Name: Bus Bot email: passwords: HoyaHacks2016

MainActivity TODO:

  1. Prompt user to register as a driver or rider
  2. Open the corresponding activity (driver or rider view)
  3. Save the user's preference (isDriver)
  4. Open the user's preferred view whenever the app is launched

DriverActivity TODO:

  1. Copy Dag's code

RiderActivity TODO:

  1. Display map with user location
  2. Hard-code the driver's location and display it on the map
  3. Make the driver's location clickable
  4. Display information about the bus onClick and a tweet button
  5. Calculate the walking time. If it's too long, disable the tweet button
  6. Send a tweet when the button is clicked
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