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Rutoken DemoBank is a demo application which shows typical usage scenarios of security tokens Rutoken ECP Series family and also contains some useful classes for devices detection and signing docs.


Rutoken DemoBank should be built using:

  • Android Studio 3.6 or newer;
  • Android SDK Platform 29 or newer.

External dependencies are located in Rutoken SDK.

Required libraries:

  • (for following architectures: armeabi-v7a, arm64-v8a);
  • (for following architectures: armeabi-v7a, arm64-v8a);
  • rtserviceconnection*.aar, where * is library version (current version is '-1.0.1');
  • pkcs11jna*.jar, where * is library version (current version is '-1.1.2').

How to build

Before building the project:

  • copy and libraries to <project_root>/app/src/main/jniLibs/<arch>/, where <arch> is library architecture;
  • copy pkcs11jna*.jar and rtserviceconnection*.aar to <project_root>/app/libs/.

To build from console:

cd <project_root>
./gradlew build

To build with Android Studio:

  • open Android Studio;
  • select "File">"Open...": <project_root>;
  • select "Build">"Make project".

Preliminary actions

To create a key pair and certificate on Rutoken ECP Series family devices follow these steps:

  • Download and install Rutoken plugin on your desktop computer;
  • Restart your browser to complete plugin installation;
  • Go to a Rutoken register center website;
  • Connect Rutoken ECP Series family device to your desktop;
    • For Rutoken ECP Bluetooth make sure that only red LED is active (without blue). If not, press and hold the button on device until blue light turns off;
  • Make sure that Rutoken ECP Series family device is found by the website;
  • Create key pair and certificate, by following instructions on the website;
  • Make sure that website has found a certificate and a key pair on your device;
  • Disconnect the device from the desktop and use it with Android device.


  • Rutoken DemoBank can only be run on physical devices, not on emulators.


Project source code is distributed under New BSD license if the opposite is not mentioned in the source code entity itself, app/src/main/java/ru/rutoken/demobank directory contains objects of copyright and distributed under commercial license of JSC “Aktiv-Soft”, License Agreement (only in Russian).


Каркас мобильного ДБО для Андроид с реализованными модулями подписания и обнаружения устройств.




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