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Rutoken DemoBank is a demonstration application which show typical usage of electronic identifier [Rutoken ECP Bluetooth] ( and also contains some useful classes for developers to significantly ease developing for complicated device, combining both typical Bluetooth accesory and SmartCard with reader logics.


Rutoken DemoBank should be built using iOS SDK 8.1 and supports iOS 9.0 and newer.

External dependencies are located in [Rutoken SDK] (

Required frameworks:

  • mobile/ios/pcsc/lib/RtPcsc.framework (Rutoken SDK)
  • mobile/ios/pkcs11/lib/rtpkcs11ecp.framework (Rutoken SDK)
  • openssl/rtengine/bin/ios-arm64/rtengine.framework (Rutoken SDK)

Required libraries:

  • openssl/openssl-shared-1.1/ios-arm64/* (Rutoken SDK)

##How to build

  • copy frameworks to example/Frameworks
  • copy openssl library libcrypto.1.1.dylib and include folder to example/Frameworks/openssl
  • open example/demobank.xcodeproj
  • in General/Identity set correct Signing Identity

##Preliminary actions

To create key pairs and certificate on Rutoken ECP Bluetooth, follow these steps:

  • Download and install Rutoken plugin on your desktop computer.
  • Restart your browser to complete plugin installation
  • Go to a Rutoken DemoBank website
  • Connect Rutoken ECP Bluetooth to your desktop via USB cable
  • Make sure that only red LED is active (without blue). If not, hold the button on device until blue light disappears.
  • Make sure that Rutoken ECP is found by the website
  • Choose «User Registration” («Регистрация Пользователя» ) and enter the PIN when it'd be requested.
  • Make sure that website have found a certificate and a key pair on your device.
  • Disconnect the device from the desktop and connect it to the iOS device via Bluetooth


  • Rutoken DemoBank can only be run on physical iOS devices, not on emulators.
  • Currently only iPad and iPhone screens are supported.


Project source code is distributed under [Simplified BSD License] (LICENSE), example folder contains objects of copyright and distributed under commercial license of CJSC “Aktiv-Soft”, [License Agreement] ( (only in Russian).

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