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@Al-Azif Al-Azif released this Mar 11, 2018 · 309 commits to master since this release

Some pretty big changes in this version, so I do expect some bugs, be sure to report them.

  • Added qwertyuiop's webkit rewrite to all 4.55 exploits
  • Updated all paylaods
    • Added web dumper back... still doesn't really work but it's built from source
    • New rule, I have to be able to see the source to include it a payload in a release
  • Try to fix issues users were having when extracting release on top of an old release. Don't do this.
  • Removed all args, replaced with settings.json
    • You can now delete updates, on any firmware version, by setting max_update in settings to be below your current firmware version (Must be higher than no_update). Make sure you do this before updating with the updater if you already have a official firmware update downloaded.
    • Added DNS pass through for devices you do not want DNS redirection on
    • Added option to disable UA checks
  • Added pingback to exploits that expect payloads (New payload menu trigger)
    • There are also no longer print statements while the menu is open
  • Added version check to warn users of an update for ps4-exploit-host
  • Default theme now grays out firmwares that do not match UA (Can still be clicked)
  • Added magenta theme by @mickyyman

All 4.05 exploits/payloads, besides "Update Enabler", will be removed in the next release.

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