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@Al-Azif Al-Azif released this Jun 20, 2018 · 203 commits to master since this release

  • Various minor bugfixes

  • Various caching fixes and optimizations

    • Theme cached by default
    • Loading bar and notifications for caching
    • Exploits cached on demand (By individual firmware or all)
    • Caching buttons will not show up offline
    • Fixed payload listening exploits while cached
    • Preview for "Sticky Caching"
  • Default theme QoL improvements

    • Fixed grey artifacts on buttons
    • "O" will now go back
    • If only one firmware is available it will autoselect
  • Added option gzip compression (Enable it in setting)

  • Settings (Your old settings will not work)

    • More/better warning/import rules
    • Reorganized
    • UA_Check disabled by default
    • Added DNS settings (Changing the port will not just work, if you change it you're on your own)
    • Add default timeout for payload sender
    • Add gzip compression level (Valid values are 0 through 9, from least to most compression, 0 is disabled)
  • You can now specify a payload to send from the exploit itself

    Copy the "Original" exploit, in "index.html" change ping("/success"); to ping("/success/9020/15/test.bin); to send "test.bin" (from the payloads folder) to port 9020 after successful exploitation with a 15 second timeout

  • UA blocker now uses regex

  • Updated Readme and FAQ

  • App2USB rebuilt for release

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