Showcase example of Stardog and Spring Framework
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Showcase example of Stardog and Spring Framework

Key take aways from this example:

  1. Take a look at the build.gradle file, note that mavenLocal appears as a higher priority than Maven Central. This is to make sure you pick up dependencies that were installed locally via the mavenInstall script.
  2. the DogDAO class uses the SnarlTemplate, with an injected DataSource


  1. Download Stardog from
  2. Run from the Stardog distribution
  3. Make sure you have Gradle 1.9 installed
  4. Run gradle build

In general, a Spring managed application with a Stardog database will look and feel much like any other Spring applicaiton. There's a datasource, a SNARLTemplate, and some dependencies in your build.


Apache License 2.0 -