Win8.1 App tutorial using TypeScript, JavaScript, AngularJS, bootstrap, jQuery, underscore, and more
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Ingredimeals [Video Tutorial Here]

I put together a 17 minute video that gets you started with writing a native Win8.1 app using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, AngularJS, Bootstrap, underscore, BankersBox and jQuery.

The goal of the tutorial is to go through the end-to-end experience of developing a win8.1 app as quickly as possible while not developing a random 'hello world' app.

Windows has quite a few controls you can leverage, but for this tutorial I wanted to keep it to a minimum just so we can focus on leveraging open source.

The app parses some JSON, implements search, does data biding with AngularJS, uses bootstrap for the layout, filtering with underscore, set-operations with BankersBox and glued with some jQuery.

Feel free to follow me on twitter @AlaShiban