Annotation and parsers for "Evaluation Metrics for Machine Reading Comprehension"
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Annotation and parsers for "Evaluation Metrics for Machine Reading Comprehension: Prerequisite Skills and Readability" (Sugawara et al., ACL 2017)

Annotation data

In the annotation directory.

  • skills indicate skill numbers (multiple labeling).
    • 0: Object tracking
    • 1: Mathematical reasoning
    • 2: Coreference resolution
    • 3: Logical reasoning
    • 4: Analogy
    • 5: Causal relation
    • 6: Spatiotemporal relation
    • 7: Ellipsis
    • 8: Bridging
    • 9: Elaboration
    • 10: Meta knowledge
    • 11: Schematic clause relation
    • 12: Punctuation
    • 13: no skill
  • skill_count
    • Number of required skills.
  • sents_indices
    • Indices of sentences that are required for answering a question.
    • Each value indicates an index of list of string(context).split() in python.
  • id
    • Numbering in annotation.
  • original_id
    • Identifier in the dataset. See each parsing script in the parse directory for naming.

Annotation guildline

Please refer to the following spredsheets for the annotation procedure, the skill definitions, and toy examples.