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aurutils is a collection of scripts to automate usage of the Arch User Repository, with different tasks such as package searching, update checks, or computing dependencies kept separate.

The chosen approach for managing packages is local pacman repositories, rather than foreign (installed by pacman -U) packages.


Install one of the following packages:

Upgrade notices are posted to the Arch forums. (RSS)


Documentation is included as groff manuals. aur(1) contains a general overview, instructions on creating a local repository, and several examples.


Code changes
Major changes Result in a bump of major version (x.0.0). Upgrades to a new major version may require a rewrite of interfacing software, or significant changes in workflow.
Minor changes (incompatible) Result in a bump of minor version (x.y.0). Typically used when application names or command-line options change in a minor way.
Minor changes (compatible) Result in a bump of maintenance version (x.y.z). Typically used for bug fixes or new, compatible features.


See For informal discussion, see the #aurutils channel on freenode.

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