The quick and easy dictionary builder for constructed languages.
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The quick and easy dictionary builder for constructed languages.


This is the master branch for the full rewrite of Lexiconga using modern development practices.

The source code for the current version of Lexiconga ( is saved in the version1 branch.


  • Git: latest
  • Node: 8.9.3+
  • NPM/Yarn: latest
  • PHP: 5.4.45+
  • Composer: 1.5.6+
  • MySQL: 5.5.51-38.2+


Setting up the dev environment takes a few steps, but it's pretty simple, all things considered. I use Windows to develop, but you should be able to use whatever environment you want--it's just up to you to figure out what to do to serve the files+PHP+MySQL.

First, clone the repository with git clone, then initialize the dependencies. Run yarn from the root of the Lexiconga directory (npm install also works, but Yarn is just generally better at managing dependencies) to install the JavaScript dependencies, then run composer install from the public/api directory to install the PHP dependencies.

Now that the dependencies are installed, run WAMP or some other local server that will serve PHP and MySQL for you and point a junction link named lexiconga from the server's www or http folder to the public directory in the Lexiconga project. This should allow you to load Lexiconga from http://localhost/lexiconga!

Next, you need to set up the MySQL database. In public/api, you should find a structure.sql file that contains the database structure. You should be able to import the .sql file directly into a database called lexiconga and go on your merry way.

Finally, once it's all set up, just run npm run watch to start Webpack's file watcher so changes made will compile into the public folder, allowing you to simply refresh the webpage any time you make a change.

Problems or Requests

Please report any problems you come across to the Lexiconga Issues page. You can also submit enhancement requests to the same place if you have any requests for new features.

Update Log

You can see all previous updates to Lexiconga here:


If you like Lexiconga and want to buy me a cup of coffee for the service, you can donate throughPaypal to help keep it online if you want.

I hope you enjoy Lexiconga and that it helps you build some awesome languages.

–Robbie Antenesse