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@Alamantus Alamantus released this Jun 29, 2016 · 229 commits to master since this release

This update has significant front-end and back-end changes. The only thing regular users will care about is the front-end stuff.

On the front-end:

  • The site got a facelift! Instead of the older-looking "3d" borders, we have shadows and nice, clean edges.
  • Clicking Edit on a word no longer thrusts you to the New Word Form. Instead, you can edit the word right its own spot in the dictionary so you don't lose your scroll!
  • You can now import and export word lists in CSV format! Export out your whole dictionary as a nice, flexible CSV file to use elsewhere, or import an old list you've been creating in Excel!
  • You can now share individual words form your dictionary if your dictionary is set to be public!
  • If you're viewing the public dictionary page for your own dictionary and you're logged in, you can click an "Edit Dictionary" button and start editing, no matter what dictionary you were editing before!

On the back-end:

  • The database has been updated to change the way words are saved. This doesn't mean much now, but it opens up the potential for collaborating on dictionaries in the future!

We hope you enjoy using Lexiconga. If you come across any problems, please let us know either by leaving an Issue report at or by sending an email to

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