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I managed to get public links to your dictionary a lot smaller! Now it’s just<your dictionary>! For example, my Gobahai dictionary is at instead of!

Don’t worry if you’ve shared the old format, though, because that will still get you where you need to go. The new format is just much nicer to look at and a lot easier to remember!

Thanks for using Lexiconga! If you have any questions or ideas for new features, please let me know!

Previous Updates

Feb 27th, 2016 1:58:18pm

Maximize Button
Maximized Text Entry
I’ve added a maximize button to the “Explanation/Long Definition” and “Dictionary Details” text boxes that gives you a huge area to write in. It even preserves your cursor position or highlighted text as it expands so you don’t lose your place in the size change (if the scroll is wrong, hitting a left or right arrow key will pop your view to where your cursor is). When you’re done editing, just hit “Minimize” or click the gray area outside of the box, and you’ll be free to continue on as if you had been using the smaller box the whole time.

It’s super handy when you have Details as long and complicated as mine! :)

I hope this addition is as useful for you as it is for me!

Feb 24th, 2016 3:38:17pm

Unlocked Word Entry
The word entry form is no longer trapped at the top of the page—now you can bring it with you wherever you go in your dictionary!

Click the Lock/Unlock button in the top right corner of the word form, and it’ll scroll down the page with you. You can also edit a word without having the page pop back to the top. Super handy if you need to reference other words when adding/editing!

Jan 18th, 2016 2:34:49pm

Search Results Count
I've added a very small but very useful feature for searching: a results counter!

Now whenever you filter or search a dictionary, it will display how many results are showing! This is also useful because it can be a good indicator of why you can't find a certain word if you accidentally have a filter set.

If you need to see the total number of words in your dictionary, you can still always see the number in the dictionary's settings.

Dec 25th, 2015 4:44:29pm

Lexiconga Accounts
Lexiconga Accounts are here!

With an account, you can have as many dictionaries as you need and switch between them at will, access your dictionaries from any device, make public and share your dictionaries, and have the peace of mind of having your dictionaries stored in the cloud instead of just on your browser where clearing the cache might accidentally remove it! It’s free to get and use an account, and it always will be.

Create your account using the Log In/Create Account button in the top left corner and then use the same button to log in (just read the notificaitons that appear and you’ll figure it out). The first time you log in to your account, the dictionary you have loaded in your browser will automatically upload to your account. (If you don’t have a dictionary saved, it’ll just upload the blank “New” dictionary anyway.) After that, you can use Lexiconga as normal! Check the About Lexiconga button for more information about what you can do with an account.

The Terms of Service and Privacy Policy are pretty standard, but just make sure you’re ok with them before using accounts. I definitely recommend that you DON’T share accounts because one save will overwrite another if the previous save is not loaded to the other person’s computer. Also, if you use your account on multiple computer, always be sure to reload the page on the computer you’re working on if you’ve made changes from another computer.

I hope you enjoy and that you share some awesome lexicons with the world!

Nov 11th, 2015 9:16:27am

Word Pronunciation
Hello my friends! I’ve made some important changes to Lexiconga that I think you’ll like!

First, direct your attention to the new Pronunciation field in the word form! This accepts Markdown formatting for bold and italic text if you like to add emphasis that way. There’s also a link to an IPA character picker tool that lets you easily pick out whatever International Phonetic Alphabet Unicode characters you might need for your pronunciation.

You’ll also notice that there are little link icons in the top-right corner of each dictionary entry. That’s right! Each word now has its own link for cross-reference within the dictionary! Note that these only work reliably when no search or filter is on, and they’ll only work if the dictionary is already loaded (i.e. not loaded from an external page).

Another small change is the new option in the Dictionary’s Settings to sort the words alphabetically by Equivalent Word(s) instead of just by word! If you want to sort your dictionary this way, just be sure to format your Equivalent Word(s) for every entry in a way that will cooperate with it.

I hope you enjoy these updates and find them useful! If you run into any problems with Lexiconga, please let me know and I’ll work on fixing them as soon as I can.

Nov 1st, 2015 10:46:51pm

First Release - Main Screen
First Release - Dictionary Description
First Release - Settings
First Release - Filter
First Release - Search
I built Lexiconga from scratch to help anyone build their own dictionary/lexicon. It’s fast, fun, and easy to use. Every time you make a change, the dictionary is saved to your browser so you can easily pick up where you left off. All the data you enter is completely local and saved on your computer, making it as secure as your own computer. You can format your dictionary’s description and entry explanations using Markdown to make it look nice in case you want to share it, and it’s is Unicode-compatible, which means the entire Unicode library of characters is available to use in your words.

At the time, you can only have one dictionary in the builder at a time, but you can export your dictionary and import any other compatible dictionary anytime you want. (Be careful, though. Importing a dictionary will overwrite your current one!!) That means once you’re done with a dictionary, you can share it with friends or fans! Also be aware that your dictionary is saved per-browser, so technically, each browser can have its own dictionary saved if you want… Also, Lexiconga is only guaranteed on the most up-to-date of modern browsers like Chrome and Firefox, so if something’s not working, try out a newer browser.

Check out everything else you need to know about it by clicking the “About Lexiconga” button, and get started on your nicely-formatted lexicon today!


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