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You can now use keyboard shortcuts to do things in Lexiconga:

Esc : Exits a window (i.e. Dictionary Settings, Account Settings, this about page, etc.) without saving.

Ctrl/Control +

  • Enter/Return : Submit Word (when typing in Word Form)
  • D : Toggle Dictionary Description visibility.
  • E : Export current dictionary. (Also Ctrl+Shift+S does this.)
  • H : Open this help window.
  • M : Maximize/Minimize Full Screen textbox when typing in the boxes that have the Maximize button.
  • S : Jump to Search box.
  • U : Toggle Word Form lock.

Alt/Option +

  • A : Toggle Account Settings window (if logged in).
  • S : Toggle Dicitonary Settings window. Saves & Closes if it's already open.

These keyboard shortcuts have been added to the About Lexiconga button so you can see them whenever you forget anything.

Other Changes

I've also fixed an error that pops up when you try to export a dictionary without words. Now it simply won't let you try to export unless it has at least one word.

Under the Hood

Less exciting and completely invisible to you, I've separated out some general-use functions in the code into their own "helper" files to help me find and add to them more easily if I ever need to.


I hope you enjoy using Lexiconga, and I welcome you to report any problems you find and tell me about any additions/changes you want to see in the Dictionary Builder (Lexiconga) Issue Tracker!

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