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@cnoon cnoon released this Sep 7, 2015 · 746 commits to master since this release

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  • The parameters and encoding parameters to download APIs.
  • Section to the README about wildcard domain matching with server trust policies.
    • Added by Sai in Pull Request
  • A UTF-8 charset to Content-Type header for a URL encoded body.
  • Tests around posting unicode parameters with URL encoding.
  • Tests for uploading base 64 encoded image data inside JSON.
  • An Alamofire 2.0 migration guide document to the new Documentation folder.
  • A Migration Guides section to the README with link to 2.0 guide.


  • Response serialization to prevent unnecessary call to response serializer.
  • Travis-CI yaml file to support iOS 9, OSX 10.11 and Xcode 7.
  • Result types to store an ErrorType instead of NSError.
  • Docstrings on the download method to be more accurate.
  • The README to require Xcode 7 beta 6.
  • The background session section of the README to use non-deprecated API.
  • The playground to use the Result type.
  • Updated progress code samples in the README to show how to call onto the main queue.


  • The AFNetworking sections from the FAQ in the README.


  • Issue on Windows where the wildcarded cert name in the test suite included asterisk.
  • Crash when multipart form data was uploaded from in-memory data on background session.
  • Issue where the background session completion handler was not called on the main queue.
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