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My game for #GGJ18
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Welcome to my game for #GGJ18 !

In this page, you will learn how to setup and play this game.


  1. Download Node.js if you haven't yet.
  2. Download the package from here.
  3. Unzip and run npm i to install dependencies.
  4. If you want to change the default port, Navigate to the end of server.js to see port=20080; Change 20080 to any port you want.
  5. run node server.js or npm start to start the server.
  6. Navigate to http://localhost:20080 to see your thing working!


To play, you need:

  • Three players (including yourself.)
  • Both with a computer or smart phone that can somehow access the server.
  • Nothing else.

Don't use the following:

These are something that you should not use for a good gameplay:

Common items

  • Clipboard
  • Pen or paper
  • Screenshot
  • Communications beside in this game (including body language)

Developer's items

If you don't know some of these, just don't mind them.

  • DevTools
  • Console(cmd) or node
  • Wireshark, Fiddler or anything like that

Get Ready

Everyone should have his/her own password. Enter that in the field.

There will be 3 characters: Alice, Bob and Eve.

The game plays as follows:

Time Alice Eve Bob
0 Alice has a secret string and Eve has one too.
1 She want to send a message to Bob And Bob wants to know Alice's string.
2 So she throws something -> to Eve.
3 Eve gets it,modifies it a bit..
4 ..send it to Bob-> Gotcha!
5 Bob get the two messages from Alice and Eve.
6 He tries to figure out which is from Alice.
... Alice repeatedly sends messages to Bob. And Eve repeatedly intercepts messages. Bob can also send Alice messages.
n Bob thinks he got the correct string, and send it to the computer.

Who is winning?

  • Alice and Bob are winning if and only if Bob gets Alice's message.
  • Eve is winning if and only if Bob gets Eve's message.
  • The computer(me!) is winning if and only if Bob gets neither Alice's nor Eve's message.

What will the "secret string" be?

It will be a string of syllables, randomly generated by the computer.

A syllable is a vowel after a consonant, or a consonant after a vowel. For example, phe and ouf are syllables, but aeo or fc are not.


During each transmission, every letter has a chance of 20% to lost and a chance of 30% to be a random letter. So pay attention, what you get may not be what he/she sent!

Start having fun!

//@author Alan-Liang
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