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Installing RSync on Windows

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NOTE: While this method does work, it should be considered deprecated.

I suggest all Windows 10 users move to use the Bash on Ubuntu on Windows tool to run Jekyll and manage your blog with JBH!

If you are using JBH on Windows with Msysgit aka Git Bash you will find that your only publish option is SCP (Secure Copy). Msysgit does not include RSync as part of the install but it's very easy to install.

Step One

Download "mingw-get-setup.exe" from the MinGW SourceForge Project Site

Step Two

Run "mingw-get-setup.exe" to install the MinGW installer.

When the MinGW Installation Manager loads select the "MSYS" option on the left bar and then find and select only the "msys-rsync" bin package. From the menu select "Apply Changes". This will download and install rsync onto your computer.

Step Three

Copy the following four files from the MinGW MSys bin folder "_C:\MinGW\msys\1.0\bin_" to the Git bin folder "C:\Program Files (x86)\Git\bin"

  • msys-iconv-2.dll
  • msys-intl-8.dll
  • msys-popt-0.dll
  • msys-1.0.dll
  • rsync.exe

Once you have copied the files you can delete the entire MinGW install folder if you do not need it anymore.