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CouchApp-powered message board software for the current age.
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Modern Forum

Modern Forum is open-source message board software similar to phpBB and vBulletin but built on Apache CouchDB using CouchApp and JavaScript, instead of PHP and MySQL. Modern Forum is also built on the desire to completely renovate the traditional forum model and bring it into the new age.

Core Tenets

  • Speed.
  • Asynchronous loading.
  • Easily replicable.
  • Lightweight.
  • Easily theme-able.
  • Real-time or as near real-time as possible.
  • Touch optimized by default.

What's Working Now

Much of the features detailed in version 0.5 of the Roadmap are working right now, and in fact things are ahead of schedule. 0.5 may still release on May 22 but it's shaping up to be earlier than that. If it releases early, I don't think it will affect the other milestone's release dates.

You can see the live prototype version I'm working against here.

What Still Has to Be Done

Please see the Roadmap on our wiki and check out the open issues to see where Modern Forum is headed.


Thank you for your interest in this project. There's not much here now but I'm very excited at the possibility of a CouchApp message board.

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