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Robotic arm controller for Scratch
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#Robot Robot is a sensor plugin for Scratch it depends on (but includes) Scratra and it also depends on python-usb version 1 or above - this is not currently included in Debian or Ubuntu

###Installation grab the code:

git clone
git clone

install python-usb

cd pyusb
sudo python install

and finally go back out of the pyusb directory

cd ..

###Running In scratch you need to enable remote sensors in your project, go to the Sensing blocks and right click the sensor value block and enable remote sensors. This makes scratch broadcast stuff on port 42001 that we can listen to. Now that you have scratch running and listening, (and the robot arm plugged in) open a terminal and start the program to communicate with the arm. You do need to run this as root to have hardware access to the robot (you could mess about with udev to avoid this, or just run it with sudo)

cd robopy
sudo python

Sometimes Scratch doesn't seem to get hold of port 42001 on tcp, just udp. If it isn't working try "netstat -ln |grep 42" to see if both ports are working. If only udp is working try restarting scratch.

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