A search provider for gnome shell that allows you to shop for things.
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A search provider for gnome shell that allows you to shop for things.

To install the latest stable reviewed version go to https://extensions.gnome.org/extension/564/amazon-shopping/

There are a number of settings you can tweak for this extension using the gnome-tweak-tool or the settings button on https://extensions.gnome.org/local/

  • Keyword

    This is a prefix to trigger it to search. By default it is set to "a" so you would hit super and type "a toaster" to search for toasters. You might want to set the prefix to "shop" or set it blank to always search if you prefer that.

  • Backend

    The server to search on. This won't be Amazon directly, it needs to be a proxy which holds the secret keys for the search API. You can register on Amazon to get such keys.

  • Shop Domain

    Which Amazon store do you want to search? You can set this to any of:

  • co.uk

  • de

  • com

  • ca

  • fr

  • co.jp

  • it

  • cn

  • es

  • Affiliate

    This is an Amazon affiliate ID. It gives someone a commission if you buy stuff. It defaults to mine because I am not stupid, but you can change it because I am not evil either. You might want to set it to gnomestore-20 to benefit the Gnome Foundation or electronicfro-20 to help out the Electronic Frontier Foundation or pick another beneficiary of your choice. Would be rather smashing if you left it on theopesou-21 at least for a bit though.

The rest of the parameters are fairly self explanatory and relate to the size of the boxes and fonts and suchlike.


This is a gnome-shell extension so it follows the convention that extensions are GPLv2+ licensed. This applies to both the code running on your computer and the server side code that is included in the repository for reference. The only bit of server side code actually running that is different to the code in the repository is the Amazon API keys.