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2019 - 2021 Browser-based Operating System in TypeScript

This is Alan's Operating Systems class initial project. See for details. It was originally developed by Alan and then enhanced by alums Bob Nisco and Rebecca Murphy over the years. Clone this into your own private repository. Better yet, download it as a ZIP file and use it to initialize your own repository for this class. Then add Alan (userid Labouseur) as a collaborator.

Setup TypeScript

  1. Install the npm package manager if you don't already have it.
  2. Run npm install -g typescript to get the TypeScript Compiler. (You probably need to do this as root.)

-- or --

  1. Download it from the TypeScript website.
  2. Execute the intstaller.


Some IDEs (e.g., Visual Studio Code, IntelliJ IDEA, others) natively support TypeScript-to-JavaScript compilation and have tools for debugging, syntax highlighting, and more. If your development environment lacks these then you'll have to compile your code from the command line, which is not a bad thing. (In fact, I kind of like that option.) Just make sure you configure tsconfig.json correctly and test it out.

A Few Notes

What's TypeScript? TypeScript is a language that allows you to write in a statically-typed language that outputs standard JavaScript. It's all kinds of awesome.

Why should I use it? This will be especially helpful for an OS or a Compiler that may need to run in the browser as you will have all of the great benefits of strong type checking and scope rules built right into your language.

Where can I get more info on TypeScript Right this way!


2019 and future(?) Operating Systems



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