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How can I dynamically change the cellsize in AQGridView and have the change animate #170

artangco opened this Issue · 4 comments

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This is not an issue but I couldn't find a forum to post this to. If this is not the place for it please direct me to a location I should be posting such a question.

I'm trying to change the cellsize for an AQGridView dynamically and would like the change to animate in the gridview. Is that possible and if so how should I approach it.

The idea is that the gridview overall size doesn't change but the cellsize within changes and the items rearrange themselves to accomodate the new size.

I assume I do something between these two calls but I'm not sure what I can change to make this work.

[self.gridView beginUpdates];
[self.gridView endUpdates];


Thanks for the response. Actually putting aside the animation part how can I change the cellsize dynamically. I'm not sure what variable I need to modify to make the cellsize change. gridview has a cellHeight and cellWidth but they are not assignable.


Your suggestion worked. I return the necessary size from within portraitSizeForCell. I do need to reloadData to make it work but this has no animation of course. You mention to wrap it in an animation block. Can you explain more what you mean by that?

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