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rantav commented Nov 9, 2011

When setting gridView.layoutDirection = AQGridViewLayoutDirectionHorizontal the display of the items at runtime seems to be incorrect.
Some of the items in the grid simply are not displayed. As a matter of fact, they sometimes do get displayed but sometimes not...
I used the SpringBoad demo to test that. In the demo I set _gridView.layoutDirection = AQGridViewLayoutDirectionHorizontal as well as _gridView.scrollEnabled = YES and things kind of look funky....
The first 'page' looks ok, but as I start scrolling right, some of the items in the first row are not displayed (items in the second row are displayed perfectly). If I scroll back left again, then surprisingly, the first row items that were not getting displayed before, are now displayed...
Here are a few screenshots that demonstrate:
First page is ok: https://skitch.com/rantav/g8f67/springboard-first-page-ok
The third item is now missing: https://skitch.com/rantav/g8f9f/springboard-2-is-missing
The third item is now OK, after I scroll right and left again: https://skitch.com/rantav/g8f9a/springboard-2-is-now-displayed

I created a gist with the code changes made to the SpringBoard demo. See https://gist.github.com/1350884
Search for "MY ADDITION"

Is this a bug, or am I missing something in the correct usage of the component?
BTW, I tested on my simulator. iOS 4.3.

rantav commented Nov 11, 2011

Hi, any comment on this? Does this bug ring a bell somehow or am I the first to see it?

What's the maintenance status of this project?
If unmaintained, then by any chance would you be able to recommend another grid view that supports horizontal scrolling?


The second question is a very good one.

@RadhikaS RadhikaS added a commit to RadhikaS/AQGridView that referenced this issue Dec 15, 2011
@RadhikaS RadhikaS Issue #96:Fix for Buggy horizontal mode f57da78
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