Galois/Counter Mode cryptographic function implementation for Go.
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Galois/Counter Mode Cipher Operation for Go

Version 1.0 -- 29 Oct 2012


In putting together some tools for the correct handling of XML Encryption and XML Digital Signatures, I ran across the AES-GCM encryption mode. This is included in the XML-ENC 2.0 working draft in large part due to problems with the more common CBC mode of operation. Sadly, there aren't very many easily-accessible implementations of this algorithm out there, and Go is definitely lacking it. I decided I'd try to write one myself.

The package provided here is designed as if it were a part of the crypto package, and thus it operates in conjunction with a block Cipher. It could absolutely be made faster: using Go's concurrency primitives would be one way, and implementing the core GHASH and GCTR algorithms in assembler with SIMD instructions is another. I'll probably look into the former myself, but I doubt I'll go as far as the latter.


Use go get to install, and then import it using import gcm "".


Generated documentation for the package's small API can be seen below.


package gcm
    import "gcm"

The GCM package provides an implementation of the Galois/Counter Mode of operation for symmetric block ciphers. It provides authenticated encryption, meaning that it both encrypts content and generates an authentication tag similar to an HMAC operation.


type GaloisCounterMode interface {
    // BlockSize returns the mode's block size.
    BlockSize() int

    // Encrypts plaintext along with some additional authenticated data, returning
    // the encrypted output along with an authentication tag.
    Encrypt(src io.Reader, aad []byte) (enc, tag []byte)

    // Decrypts data encoded by Encrypt(). Input also requires the additional
    // authenticated data passed to Encrypt() and the authentication tag returned
    // by that function. Internally the tag is verified before any attempt is made
    // do actually decrypt the input ciphertext.
    Decrypt(ciphertext, aad, tag []byte) ([]byte, error)

This cryptography mode encompasses both encryption and authentication of data. Due to its differing inputs and outputs, it doesn't conform to the cipher.Cipher interface, instead providing separate Encrypt() and Decrypt() methods.

func NewGCM(b cipher.Block, tagSizeInBits int, iv []byte) (GaloisCounterMode, error)

Creates a new Galois/Counter Mode for a given block cipher. The iv parameter is required, but a tagSizeInBits of zero can be supplied, in which case the default tag size of 128 bits will be used.