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A TeX-style hyphenation package for the Go programming language.

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Hyphenation for Go

Version 1.0 — 20 July 2010

By Jim Dovey



This project implements a hyphenator which will take a block of text and hyphenate it according to some provided TeX-style rules. At present it doesn’t interpret the TeX values verbatim, it expects them to be encoded a bit like Go source code, so I can use Go’s Scanner class to parse it.

For more information on the TeX hyphenation algorithm, refer to the original paper by Franklin Mark Liang.


The simplest way to install is using goinstall:

> goinstall “”
> goinstall “”

This will install the package in such a way that it must be imported using the above quoted string as its import statement, i.e. import hyphenator "".

Alternatively you can clone the code directly and install it using make install. This will enable you to import it in your code using just import "hyphenator".

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