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* Copyright (c) 2003, 2004 Lev Walkin <>. All rights reserved.
* Redistribution and modifications are permitted subject to BSD license.
#ifndef _BER_DECODER_H_
#define _BER_DECODER_H_
#include <asn_application.h>
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
struct asn_TYPE_descriptor_s; /* Forward declaration */
struct asn_codec_ctx_s; /* Forward declaration */
* The BER decoder of any type.
* This function may be invoked directly from the application.
* The der_encode() function (der_encoder.h) is an opposite to ber_decode().
asn_dec_rval_t ber_decode(struct asn_codec_ctx_s *opt_codec_ctx,
struct asn_TYPE_descriptor_s *type_descriptor,
void **struct_ptr, /* Pointer to a target structure's pointer */
const void *buffer, /* Data to be decoded */
size_t size /* Size of that buffer */
* Type of generic function which decodes the byte stream into the structure.
typedef asn_dec_rval_t (ber_type_decoder_f)(
struct asn_codec_ctx_s *opt_codec_ctx,
struct asn_TYPE_descriptor_s *type_descriptor,
void **struct_ptr, const void *buf_ptr, size_t size,
int tag_mode);
* Check that all tags correspond to the type definition (as given in head).
* On return, last_length would contain either a non-negative length of the
* value part of the last TLV, or the negative number of expected
* "end of content" sequences. The number may only be negative if the
* head->last_tag_form is non-zero.
asn_dec_rval_t ber_check_tags(
struct asn_codec_ctx_s *opt_codec_ctx, /* codec options */
struct asn_TYPE_descriptor_s *type_descriptor,
asn_struct_ctx_t *opt_ctx, /* saved decoding context */
const void *ptr, size_t size,
int tag_mode, /* {-1,0,1}: IMPLICIT, no, EXPLICIT */
int last_tag_form, /* {-1,0:1}: any, primitive, constr */
ber_tlv_len_t *last_length,
int *opt_tlv_form /* optional tag form */
#ifdef __cplusplus
#endif /* _BER_DECODER_H_ */