Analysis software for spectral imaging data
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AlanRace Rebinning, peak filter and imzML export
- Partial fix to exporting imzML. Now uses new library, but does not allow altering of data type or compression. Export retains the data format of the input.
- Added new rebinning methods for better handling of centroided data
- Added new peak filter for isolating molecular classes of interest
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Analysis software for spectral imaging data.

If you find this useful please cite: Alan M. Race, Andrew D. Palmer, Alex Dexter, Rory T. Steven, Iain B. Styles, and Josephine Bunch, Anal. Chem., 2016, 88 (19), pp 9451–9458.

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If downloading the source, please be aware that the latest version of MOOGL must also be downloaded and included in the SpectralAnalysis\src\gui\MOOGL folder.

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