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Phproject plugins should be placed in this directory.

  • Plugins must have a Base class in base.php that extends \Plugin
    • This class should contain all core code for the plugin, including all methods and properties in the Plugin Standards
  • Plugins must have a _load() method which is called when initializing the plugin
    • Any hooks and routes used in the plugin should be initialized in this method
  • Plugins must have a PHPDoc comment block at the start of the base.php file
    • Block must contain at least the @package tag
    • Block should contain the @author tag
  • Plugins must have an _installed() method which will be called to check the installation status of the plugin
  • Plugins may have an _install() method which will be called if _installed() returns false
  • Plugins may have a dict directory, which will be loaded for localization
  • Plugins should follow the Code Standards