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Automatically lower volume when an ad is about to play and raise volume after its done
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Small node app that will automatically lower volume when an ad is about to play and raise volume after its done. I love spotify but the ads are so loud and distracting, this script allow you to lower the volume to a reasonable level and then go back to normal volume when the music starts again.

The Spotify desktop app (for Mac at least) has a cache folder that updates everytime an ad is about to play. Look for "/Library/Caches/com.spotify.client/fsCachedData" Assign this path to the "watchFolder" and run "node app.js" while spotify is running.


const homedir = "your/home/directory" || require("os").homedir();

const watchFolder = "/Library/Caches/com.spotify.client/fsCachedData/";// set to path where "com.spotify.client/fsCachedData" is located

let minVolume = 1; //set the Number where you want the volume to be set while ads are playing.


The watchFolder gets a lot of files that we don't care about here. Usually the files that are over 16kb tend to have the ad info needed. The example.json shows what the contents of relevant file looks like.

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