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This project was bootstrapped with Create React App.

Why use this rather than the official create-react-app:

  • This project just uses the official CRA to bootstrap.
  • NO eject. Everything is original.
  • Just add few more features to make developer life easier.

How to use it?

  • Clone or fork this repo instead of create-react-app blahBlah
  • Then start coding.

Added the following features:

In the project directory, you can run:

1. Enable the in-IDE ESLint tips

Just add eslintConfig to package.json

2. Use normalize.css

A better version reset.css, already installed and imported in index.js.

3. npm run update

It will interactively check the latest version for your packages and let you choose whether to update or not.

It you use yarn over npm, please run the following command:

npm uninstall npm-check
npm install -D syncyarnlock

Then replace the update script in package.json to this: yarn upgrade-interactive && syncyarnlock, yarn has an annoying bug where after updating, it won't bump the version number in package.json. syncyarnlock solves this by generate an extra package.json file, if you write changes to the original package.json, then yarn will complain about outdated lock file. So I finally go away with yarn until this bug is fixed.

4. yarn inspectBundle or npm run inspectBundle

It will build your production build and analysis your bundle file in a nice way.

5. yarn formatAllCode or npm run formatAllCode

It will format all your JavaScript code with prettier.

If you use TypeScript, change the formatAllCode script to ./node_modules/.bin/prettier --parser typescript --write './src/**/*.ts' './src/**/*.tsx'

6. Added a simple hot module reloading

Warning: Just for faster static editing. Component state won't be HMRed.

7. Added absolute import

With that .env file in your project root, now in your App.js, you can import import logo from 'assets/logo.svg'; without using those nasty ../.