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Kotlin multi-platform boilerplate including mobile

There is a mobile only version in this repo

Read my blog if you want more details:


This is an example of using Kotlin native to share the code between iOS and Android. It contains the tests for all the platform code. Setup via the support from multiplatform kotlin.

This setup is aiming to solve the problem, where we want to write the platform specific code in a multiplatform manner.


  • android: Android project built by Android Studio
  • ios: iOS Project built by XCode
  • jvmApp: jvm app which consumes the lib
  • jsApp: js app on how to consume the lib
  • common: The shared code that is meant to be across all platforms without any change.
  • platforms: platform specific implementation which will be compiled with common
    • ios: it will be compiled as an iOS framework
    • js
    • jvm: a dependency for both android app and jvmApp


  • Work on Android App: Open Android folder in Android Studio
  • Work on iOS App: Open iOS folder in XCode
  • Work on sharing code: Open the root folder in IDEA or any other IDE.

In fact, you can edit the sharing code in android studio as well, as we embed them as module, and they all use the same language.

About the example

  • Sample class is for code that is sharing across platforms (Which means you only use API from kotlin-stdlib-common or some other cross platform lib).

  • Platform class is a class which has been implemented twice for different platforms for showing the platform API case.

  • Open Android folder in Android Studio, run the app, it will show a string from the :shared-android

  • Open iOS folder in XCode, run the app, it will show a string from the :shared-ios

  • And the string is from both platforms are retrieved from the Sample class.


If you think the XCode building phase is slow. That is because it will build the KN generated iOS framework every time. You can modify it by just copying the framework files without building it. Because you can always edit Kotlin native code somewhere else.