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An OpenFrameworks addon that opens up portals to different worlds. No, seriously, that's what it does. : |

(Click image to watch video): ofxPortalCam Video

By tracking the head with the Kinect and using some nifty features in OpenFrameworks, your monitor (or projected image or whatever) becomes a viewport through which you can view a digital 3d environment. This digital 3d environment behaves as if it's actually in front of your face.


  1. OpenFrameworks up to this commit:
  2. ofxOpenNI
  3. ofxRay
  4. ofxXmlSettings (comes packaged with OF, but just want to note it)


Only Mac is supported. Will happily consider Pull Requests for support for other OS's

If you (1) don't have openFrameworks or (2) don't have a git-controlled version of openFrameworks, you'll need that (skip this step if you already have a git managed copy of OF). In terminal, move to wherever you'd like to put openFrameworks, and run the following:

git clone git://
cd openFrameworks/

Great, now that you're in the openframeworks directory, run the following:

git remote add elliot git://
git pull elliot feature-ofCamera-lensOffset
cd addons
git clone git://
git clone git://
cd ofxOpenNI
git checkout ddb00b7b5ba00438c0146fed22add733377bcf59 -b ofxPortalCam
cd ..
git clone git://

*Quick note -- This implementation of ofxOpenNI is not the current implementation. This means that other apps that use ofxOpenNI will no longer work. To switch between the two branches, cd into ofxOpenNI and run "git checkout master" or "git checkout ofxPortalCam".

Woot! Now just open /ofxPortalCam/ofxPortalCamBasicExample/ofxPortalCamBasicExample.xcodeproj/

For instructions on the calibration process, check out the notes in src/testApp.cpp