Library for creating dynamic lambda expressions to use in every linq querys, including EF querys
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Dynamic Lambda Functions Builder

Help you to create functions when you have optional parameters


List<Person> _peoples = new List<Person>
              new Person("Alberto", 22, true),
              new Person("Fabio", 24, false),
              new Person("Abraão", 23, false),
              new Person("Pedro", 26, false)

var target = new FilterExpression<Person>();

var filterExpression = target
    .Start(p => p.Name.Contains("o"))
    .And(p => p.Age <= 25, false);
    .And(p => p.Age >= 26, true);

_peoples.Where(filterExpression.ResultExpression) == _peoples.Where(p1 => p1.Name.Contains("o") && p.Age >= 26);