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Painting on a 3DS!
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3DS Paint Build Status

Today i introduce you to my latest 3DS Homebrew: 3DS Paint! With this app you can draw anything you want, with 7 colors and a rubber! You can find some instructions on the 3DS's top screen!

How to install:

You can install this app in many ways. As a Gateway's 3ds file, as a .cia file, it's also ready for SSSPwn! You can find files below. Or you can just build it your self! Download all this repo to you computer and run BUILD.BAT (your system has to be properly configured or it won't build anything!)


  • A little glitch that appears for a second while clearing everything
  • Nothing else


.3DS File: Link coming soon, you have to compile it your self for now

.cia File:!gFQx2ZYZ!Picg31I_MRiKvDNnHx47znm7JPSIquD-IlyjPY0Xsqk

.3dsx (SSSPwn) File:!8JhhgBga!rWQOxC39idBF2VwiH7SBmrKbjF34VAQXohv6nt3MtPA


Relys @

filfat @

Bond697 @

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