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Modular GSM device, for embedded applications, realized with Onion Omega 2+ and SIM800L
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Onion GSM Module

Modular GSM device, for embedded applications, realized with Onion Omega 2+ and SIM800L.

Model Prototype


This devices is a portable GSM prototype that can be used for different purpouse. The board allows to power an Onion Omega 2+ and a Simcom SIM800L thanks to two NCP3170A buck regulators. Moreover the device contains also different nets that permitts to Omega2+ to control the SIM800L. Besides has been also added a modular interface that allows to upgrade the device and add new functionalities.

C program

In this repo there is also a short C program that has been realized as an example of module implementation. The source code allows to configure the system as a GSM allarm detector. Infact it uses the GPIO interface to detect an allarm signal ( thet can also be emitted by a relay connected to an antitheft siren) and send a call to a predefinite number as notification.

Libraries and softwares used

For the hardware implementation of this project has been used the Cadence® suite. In the /Hardware directory you can find the .dsn design, the .opj schematic and the .brd layout. Instead for the C program, that you can find in the /Software directory, different libraries have been used. For UART (serial connection between Omega and SIM):

  • unistd.h
  • fcntl.h
  • termios.h

For GPIO interactions:

  • ugpio/ugpio.h
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