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Welcome to the AlbianWarpClient wiki!

This page contains Information on how to install/update/troubleshoot AlbianWarp.

Remember that this is extremely new and extremely buggy! Download and run this stuff at your own risk. Backup important files and things. We're all learning how to make this work together and there are bound to be some casualties along the way.

Currently, the Albian Warp Client is a Windows application. If you are running Creatures Exodus/Docking Station on anything other than Windows, you will probably not be able to run the client.

To Get Started

  1. Join the #albianwarp channel on the CAOS Coding Cave discord. You are probably going to run into a bunch of problems/bugs along the way and we will be able to help you out there. You'll also want to receive updates as newer versions are being released all the time.

  2. Download the latest client directly from the Releases page or get it from the Client Download Page of the Gameserver.

    • There is both a 32-bit and a 64-bit version available for the client, however, some have reported issues with the 32-bit version. If you are running a 32-bit version of Windows, you may not be able to play just yet, but we would greatly appreciate you testing the 32-bit client anyway and reporting the errors you encounter. ("Entry Point Not Found" is a common one on older systems, sometimes solved by running all your Windows Updates or just downloading this patch.)
    • You may need to alter the file "albianwarp.cfg" to point to your My Creatures directory if you find you are unable to send and receive creatures. To do this, open the file in notepad, remove the # in front of the my_creatures_directory line, and change the path to point to your proper folder.
    • You may need to alter the file "albianwarp.cfg" to point The Albian Warp Client to your Dockingstation Installation Directory. To do this, open the file in notepad and, remove the # in front of the ds_directory and change the path to point to your Dockingstation installation.
  3. Make an account here. The email address field is just a placeholder and is not actually used. If you forget your password, you will have to make a new account (accounts will likely be reset prior to beta anyway, so don't worry too much about that).

  4. After installing the bootstrap modifications, you will need to create a new world for the updates to take effect. Each time the scripts are updated, you will need to make a new world, so try not to get too attached if you can help it :stuck_out_tongue:

  5. Once you have launched into your new world, start the client. For best results, start it via the command line or powershell (you can do this by shift+right clicking on the folder the the client exe is in and selecting the option that says "open command window/powershell here", then hitting Tab until the client exe filename is displayed, then hitting Enter). If you don't start it via the command line, the client will simply exit and close if it encounters an error and you won't be able to tell what happened or how to fix it.

    • If, you get an "Entry Point Not Found" error, you may need to update your Windows CRT (Update available Here). This error is especially common if you are running an older version of Windows or a VM that hasn't been fully updated.
    • Your virus scan might treat the Albian Warp Client as suspicious or harmful. This seems to be an unfortunate side effect of many applications compiled with pyInstaller, as this issue details. There is not a fix for this currently, but it is one of many issues being investigated and hopefully corrected before a public release.
  6. Log in to the Client with your username and password. If all goes well, you should be in!

  7. To gather useful information, make sure you keep autokill off and post any errors you encounter to the #albianwarp channel along with exactly what was going on when the error occurred. Keep an eye on the Client window for errors as well.

  8. Have fun feeling like it's 2001 all over again! Well, a bunch of bugs and crashes not withstanding.

  9. Keep an eye on the Project Board and see what we're working on next! Feel free to suggest future features and modifications, or even contribute yourself!

Known Issues

  • The Albian Warp Client is not currently compatible with other external applications that talk to the game, such as the CAOS tool, the Biochemistry Set, the CAOS Debugger, and the inject portion of the Genetics Kit. If you use one of these programs to communicate with the game while Albian Warp is running, the client will probably crash or throw a Mutex Error. These sorts of errors can only be resolved by closing and re-opening your Docking Station engine to reset the Shared Memory Interface. (see Issue)
  • The Who's Wanted Register is not terribly accurate right now. This means online and offline messages that cause portals to light up/fade, users to exits the chatroom, and notifications to be sent don't always go off properly. (see Issue)
  • Creatures sit in the My Creatures folder for a while before warping in sometimes (see Issue)
  • Automatic deletion of sent creature files does not always work. You might need to regularly clear out your My Creatures folder if seeing all those errors in the client window gets annoying.
  • Creatures sometimes try to warp in more than once (probably the same problem as the above)
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