A stand-alone program in C++ for Block-Entropy Analysis and Symbolic Dynamics
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**A stand-alone program in C++ for Block-Entropy Analysis and Symbolic Dynamcis **See the references in the end of theis file for more information and citation etiquette. **The program has been tested for the GNU g++ compiler: gcc (Ubuntu 5.4.0-6ubuntu1~16.04.10) 5.4.0 20160609 **Some output is produced for ease of use and for diagnostics withinthe code.

**Compile it by: g++ entropa.C -o entropa

**Run it by typing ./entropa

**It will respond by a reminder about what log it uses and a prompt to input the symbol-sequence file to be analyzed:

log is natural ie log(e)= 0.9999999895 Source File :

**Give the sourse file (for example download and use '1000.txt', without quotes!) Source File : 1000.txt

**The progam responds with Destination File : **(Say '1000.dat' as the one provided along with the program)

Destination File : 1000.dat **Hit Return **The program responds with an option **1=lump means no overlaping reading window for the symbol-blocks/words **2=slide means overlaping by one symbol/letter, sliding, window for the symbol-blocks/words **Beware! the statistics are different if the sequence has forbutten blocks (i.e. syntactical or gramatical constrains) READ TYPE ( 1=lump or 2=slide ) : **(Say we type "2" as more conventional type, no quotes!) READ TYPE ( 1=lump or 2=slide ) : 2

**The program responds with START: **Type the initial word lenght to count **Beware must be > 2 !!! to be a block... START: 2 ** The program responds END : **Type the length up to which you wantto count: END : 6 ** Please wait because the calculation is exponentialy long depending on the entropy/complexity of the text. ** So, the program responds: PLEASE WAIT ......................... ** Have a cup of coffeee for END > 12 :-) or wait in mindfulness for a while ;-) ** When it finishes it responds with:

PLEASE WAIT ......................... END OF PROGRAMME THE WORK FILE IS " 1000.dat " THE RESULT FILES ARE " hresult.txt AND hresult.dat " ANY KEY FOR EXIT ...................

**Check the files and compare with the ones I have uploade for testing. **You can uncomment lines 420 and 421 if you do not want the intermediate steps recorded.

429 /********uncomment if you do not want the intermediate steps recorded/ 420 // remove("filtfile"); 421 // remove("workfile.cpp"); 422 /*******************************************************************/

**Check out the freshly produced files "hresult.dat" and "hresult.txt" **They are the block (discrete Shannon entropies, one for plotting the other for inspection) **Have Fun and Play Fair. Give a reference to these in case you use it, especially in a publication or student project!!!

Basios, V., Forti, L. G. & Nicolis, G., [2008]. Symbolic dynamics generated by a combination of graphs, Int. J. Bifurcation and Chaos 18, 2265-2274.

Basios, V. & Mac Kernan, D., [2008]. Symbolic dynamics, coarse graining and the monitoring of complex systems, Int. J. of Bifurcation and Chaos, 21, 3465-3475.

Basios, V., de Garnier, R. & Oikonomou, T., [2018]. Symbolic Dynamics of Music from Europe and Japan, arXiv 2018 to be published.