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@@ -8,15 +8,29 @@ Cells are sections on a page and are acting as containers for elements.
Cells are defined here: <code>/config/alchemy/cells.yml</code>
+You also have to define the cells to use in your <code>/config/alchemy/page_layouts.yml</code>
+Please be aware: You can only add elements that are both defined in your cells.yml and page_layouts.yml!
- name: left_column
elements: [image, text]
+- name: standard
+ cells: left_column
+ elements: [image, text]
Normally cells are rendered on page_layouts. They can be called with this helper method:
<%= render_cell(:cellname) %>
+If you render cells like this, an additional view-partial is rendered, naming scheme is <code>/app/views/alchemy/cells/_left_column.html.erb</code>
+In this partial use <code><%= render_elements :from_cell => 'left_column' %></code> to render cell-related elements only.
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@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@ h2. Railshoster Alchemy deployment
"RailsHoster": offers durable rails hosting for good money. In this guide you will learn how to deploy your Alchemy Site on your RailsHoster server. Please be sure that you have read the "Getting Started Guide":/getting_started to be familar with the Alchemy installation steps. After finishing this guide you will know:
* How to initialize your local Alchemy installation so it is ready to be deployed on RailsHoster
-* How to deploy changes your made to your server
+* How to deploy changes you've made to your server

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